About Mitchell Atkins

Sales Representative


Born and raised in Uptown Toronto, Mitchell Atkins did not take the typical path of becoming a Real Estate Professional. Mitchell attended George Brown College for Culinary Arts. Facing the adversity of being a young chef from Toronto, Mitchell has developed an unrelenting work ethic which included going above and beyond with anything and everything. Bringing the creativeness and tenacity of a chef, along with the presence and leadership of a Sous Chef, Mitchell has never hesitated from his goals to deliver the best results possible to all of his clients. Now permanently being a full time Real Estate Professional in Toronto, Mitchells recipes have changed a little, but the end goal is still the same and will always impress.

Honest, Hungry, and a passionate agent working with people and bringing value to the lives of others, Mitchell is always providing top class service to all of his clients in the real estate industry. Growing up in UpTown Toronto, Mitchell has a strong understanding of various areas in the GTA and for the people who reside here. Whether he is working with sellers, buyers, renters, first timers or investors; Mitchell runs a relationship driven business and a restless culture that constantly provides even more value to his clients.